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mtf_lesbians's Journal

MTF Lesbians
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This community welcomes all MTF's who are attracted to the female gender. Bisexual/pansexual MTF's are welcome to join. Partners and allies of MTF's are welcome as well.

To view the tags, go here.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions e-mail me at transgender.atheist@gmail.com

Now, the rules(please read all of them):

1. No bashing/bigotry of any kind. This means no transphobia, no homophobia, no racism, no ageism, no sizeism, etc.

You'll be warned twice. On the third offense, you will be banned from this community.

2. Respect other members's opinions. Name-calling/insults will not be allowed.

3. Try to keep posts on the topic of transsexuality and/or lesbianism.

4. Use lj-cuts when necessary. All pics go behind a cut. If you don't know how to do an lj-cut, go here.

5. Do not disallow comments. Do not screen comments. Do not delete other members's comments to your post.

6. Absolutely no off-topic advertising. Please put ads(that are relevant to this community) behind an lj-cut.

7. Introductory posts are not obligatory, but are encouraged.

8. All posts with sexual content, possible triggers, TMI should be placed being an LJ-cut with a warning.

If you want to introduce yourself and don't know what to say, here's a suggestion of intro questions(all questions are optional):

Gender ID:
Operative status:
Relationship Status: